BEIJING, Jan. 11 & 12 — On the 11th and 12th of January, the Tenth China Intellectual Property Annual Forum and 2020 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China was held at the Intercontinental Sanlitun Hotel in Beijing. The event was hosted by China Intellectual Property Magazine. Ms. Demi Wang, founder and CEO of the US-China IP Development & Exchange Foundation (UCIPF), and Mr. Zhongjun Cheng, UCIPF’s Beijing representative, attended as special guests.

The annual Award Ceremony and Appreciation Dinner, held on the evening of January 11th, is always a highlight of the event. Organizers announced the winners of several awards, including: “China’s Outstanding Intellectual Property Manager 2019,” “2019 China’s Intellectual Property Manager Tomorrow’s Star,” and “2019 China’s Outstanding Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Team.”

UCIPF exclusively sponsored the 2020 China Intellectual Property Managers Annual Conference Award Ceremony and Appreciation Dinner. At the ceremony, Randall R. Rader, a member of UCIPF’s board of directors and former Chief Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, addressed the event via video.

UCIPF founder/CEO Ms. Demi Wang spoke. “I am very pleased to be invited to the 10th China Intellectual Property New Year Forum and the 2020 China Intellectual Property Managers Annual Meeting. This is the first time UCIPF has participated in a major event in China.”

Ms. Wang added: “I have been in the intellectual property industry for 20 years. I have witnessed the development and challenges of intellectual property in US and China. At the same time, I have also witnessed IP industry practitioners misunderstand each other due to asymmetric information in the two countries’ systems and practices. The US-China Intellectual Property Exchange Development Foundation will uphold the principles of cooperation and mutual benefit, as well as build bridges and platforms for exchange and collaboration. The foundation is moving forward!”

In her speech, Ms. Wang also announced UCIPF’s first Chinese advisory board member, Mr. Chun Tian Liu, to great applause. Her speech resonated strongly with the many IP professionals in attendance.

UCIPF will organize seven conferences in China and the US in 2020 to promote IP exchange and cooperation. Over 700 participants attended the event, including the intellectual property managers of hundreds of Chinese companies.