Luke joined NTD in 2002. Before then, he had been working as a physician in
Department of Internal Medicine and then Department of Hematology of Peking
Union Medical College Hospital for nine years and participated in a series of study
focusing on the pathogenesis and treatment of acute leukemia during 1998-2000
at National Laboratory of Medical Molecular Biology, CAMS. After he switched to IP
in 2002, Luke has handled over a thousand of patent applications in biotech, life
sciences, medical diagnostics, and related areas. He is experienced in patent
drafting and prosecution, patent invalidation and administrative litigation, legal
opinions, portfolio management and strategic consulting. Luke represents a full
range of clients, from domestic start-ups to MNCs, as well as some top universities
and research institutes in China. He frequently gives IP trainings and lectures for
domestic clients and introductions on new trends in Chinese patent practice for
foreign clients. He is also a frequent speaker in IP seminars and conferences both
in China and abroad.